Sunday, May 5, 2013

Weekend at Dorrance late April

Avery and Nancy going to the soccer game.

Goalie Sam

Anna and Brooklyn

Anna on a break away

Good stop by goalie Sam


Siblings Anna and Sam

Post game with the coach


Sam with Hallie and Anna in the background

Anna in a tough battle for the ball

Anna with Sam in the background

Brooklyn with her mom Lori

Anna with colored sun screen

Sam and Garrett

Sam driving the Ranger

Anna and two bucket calves
Yep, more colored sun screen, this time with Hallie.

Sam had the colored sun screen on his hands, too.



Serious Hallie

More serious Hallie

We didn't do anything.


Avery with her new umbrella

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Dancing and Twirling

Anna and Hallie show off their medals from the dancing/twirling competition in Abilene.

Hallie and Anna were joined by cousin Natalie and Hallie's little sister Brooklyn for a post-competition celebration.

Anna, Brooklyn and Hallie

More foolery

Lori seemed to enjoy the competition.

Anna (in the back row)

Anna right after her dance.

Anna and mom Kelly

Hallie's turn

Hallie with her medal

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

Hallie (in purple shirt) and a friend prepare for the Easter egg hunt.

Hallie and her Easter bunny from grandma Thielen

I see a trend with the Thielen boys this Easter - blue shirt and tie.

Grandma Thielen and Grandma Siefers with Brookly, Anna, Hallie, Sam and Garrett


Sam and dad Joey

More Brooklyn

And even more Brooklyn

Baby Paige was a big hit at Easter.  Anna held her cousin Paige and asked her parents for another sibling.

The Debbie effect - a new quilt for Sharon and Kevin

Anna, Paige and Kelly

Everyone held Paige. Sisters Emily and Natalie took their turns, too.

Front row cousins: Emily, Natalie, Hallie, Paige, Brooklyn and Avery. Back row cousins: Anna, Garrett and Sam. Leah was the only one of my GREATS (as in great nieces and nephews) missing.

The pig popper was a big hit with Avery.

Sam in his Easter egg hunt uniform.

We also celebrated Avery's 3rd birthday.